Alexandria Rachel Zepeda 
1988 - 2009
Dave Carreon
Dave Carreon is the youth pastor of the Auburn Seventh-Day Adventist church in Auburn, CA.  His very personal story about his relationship with alex at her Memorial service may 16, 2009 moved and powerfully impressed me.  He had a special relationship with Alex and it obviously left him significantly affected.  My hope is that his story will give you a better understanding about Alex... her struggles and her victories that made up her short life here on earth.

After watching this segment I am convinced, more than ever that there is a spiritual battle raging on between good and evil. We are being purposely distracted with insignificance or apathy about what’s really happening around us.  I’m reminded of the movie that offers the choice between the red pill or the knowledge of our reality in the blue pill (a reference the a portion of the  motion picture... “The Matrix”).  

As this experience unfolds itself each day... it changes my understanding of a subject that was once just a mild curiosity.   Each one of us... are... or have been convinced that our daily insignificant struggles are what makes up our lives. however for some of us a life changing event occurs and at least for me... jolts us into the realization that we’re in the middle of the battlefield and that Alex is now one of its fallen soldiers who may have had a deeper understanding of our reality.  For me this is no longer a mild curiosity but rather a cold hard fact which i am just now processing.  I get it... now. 

My deepest thanks to Dave Carreon for sharing his relationship with Alex... clearly and powerfully told from the heart.  I’m so glad this is now a permanent record for all to see and hear.  hopefully you will spend time investigate this further so you can come to your own conclusions about what’s really happening.

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This was  Dave’s personal and powerful story about Alex  and how his life has been touched by hers.

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