Alexandria Rachel Zepeda 
1988 - 2009
I got an email today... from someone I can’t even remember who it was... they said something that crushed me. 

Almost 5 years ago... Alex and I worked on her High School senior project. I'd forgotten about it... but this person said something about that project.  I don't know why it hit me so hard... but what they said was so profound that it just kinda crushed me all over again.  She said that Alex told her whole story in that senior project.  It was perfectly prophetic and it was devastating.  The thought that we were creating a film about her future and how her life would ultimately end was more than I could take.  I wanted to vomit.

Later.. I realized what a powerful testimony her death brought to this tragic story.  Every parent needs to watch this short film which,  sadly, tuned out to be Alex's true life story...  We need to do so much more to stop the death of our
children in this way.  

Maybe somehow this can be a start...

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers...
“Dirty Little Secret...”  Alex’s High School Senior project done almost 5 years ago
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The Beitz family appreciates all your prayers, the support, messages and comments that so many of you have sent us.  All your heartfelt thoughts are so helpful... Thank You.

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