Alexandria Rachel Zepeda 
1988 - 2009
This was a project that Alex did with me at the Audi Sports Car Experience at Infineon Raceway in Sonoma, California.

It turns out that operating a camera inside a car pulling about 1g and hitting speeds of 120 mph around the track isn’t so easy.  What’s more not many people can do it.  I went through about 3 camera operators before realizing that about 1.5 laps into it we’d have to pull over and the camera guy would be puking.  So... Alex ended up the “in car” camera “guy.”  She was the only one that could go lap after lap, filming me without any problem.  If you think that’s not a big deal... try holding a 7 pound bulky video camera in a car with 450hp while violently accelerating, braking and pulling up to 1G around corners.  Watch the short film above and notice each shot that’s take inside a car.  That was alex “the camera guy” taking all those shots.

We spent 3 days out at Infineon together.  
I took our rv there and we filmed, ate, slept 
and had a great time together.  She and I 
would go in the evenings to sonoma and 
buy steaks and baked potatoes and then 
go back, barbecue and have a feast.  It was 
one of my best times with her and the staff 
at the Audi SportsCar Experience all loved her.  
I’m so glad we had that 3 days together.  I will 
never forget those 3 days with her.

For my impressions about alex, her talents and how she and I worked 
together watch... dls

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers...DLS.htmlshapeimage_2_link_0
Alex was the only person that could go around the track in the R8, film me and not throw up.
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The Beitz family appreciates all your prayers, the support, messages and comments that so many of you have sent us.  All your heartfelt thoughts are so helpful... Thank You.

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